I am shocked, SHOCKED, that a guy who used a fuel filler neck from a Ford on a Lamborghini/Audi*, and who puts in a bigger fuse for the AC when it keeps popping, can’t get his Lamborghini to run right.

I implore all of you on Oppo to never follow any of his advice. Not unless you want to burn your car down, and also alienate yourself to every professional shop and technician in your area.

**I didn’t watch the video because I won’t even dignify it with a view. He’s only got 106k views so far, but I won’t add to it.

Edit:*I have been informed that he did not use the Ford filler neck, instead he had a friend weld the broken one. Still don’t think that’s an approved factory fix. But hey, no smog check, so fuck it! Bring on te EVAP codes!