Historic Trans Am Cars at Lime Rock and The Secret Jalopnik Car

Assembled here are the best Oppositelock posts from Monday and Tuesday. It includes road racing at Lime Rock, 10 odd things that can happen in motor racing, a secret order sheet and every line that the Toyobaru borrowed from the 2000GT.

Thunderstruck: Historic Trans Am Cars Road Racing At Lime Rock - puppyknuckles


Spring has finally sprung on the East Coast and we can all start to get officially pumped up about road racing again. To help get in the spirit, I'd like to share with you one of the greatest spectacles I saw last year: the ear-splitting, terrifying, down right nasty Historic Trans Am series cars at Lime Rock. Read more….

10 Things That Can Happen in Auto Racing - Ric Clement

Kurt Busch is preparing for "The Double," in which he would race 1,100 miles with a flight from Speedway, IN to Concord, NC sandwiched between… Should it rain (as it if ever rains in Indiana during the 500) after Busch has started the car, and he needs to return to Charlotte, someone else may finish it. Imagine it's one of his Andretti Autosport teammates, who has already dropped out of the race. Imagine that teammate wins. With a last lap pass. Three-wide. Whose face goes on the BorgWarner? Kurt's, of course. That's not news to most racing fans, many of whom endured the fallout of Aric Almirola's only NASCAR Nationwide Series win being earned by Denny Hamlin. It's also not the only oddity that can happen in auto racing. Here are 10 more…

Sensation: I obtained an order list for a secret Jalopnik car! - Mark Linde


"Jalopnik Motor Company"? A car? What's the name? How does it look? And: How were they able to hide this project from us? A lot of questions are still unanswered. Yet through an anonymous and reliable source, I got a tip where I could find more information. Without getting into delicate details here because someone's job might be on the line, I - with the help from several pints of the cheapest lager, a one-legged con woman, a Richard Petty costume and a spanking horse set up in a hotel room - was able to hastily take these photographs of an order list draft. Read more…

Every Line that the Toyobaru "Borrowed" from the 2000GT: A Guide - Gatsby's Ghost


The Toyobaru gets a little bit of flak in the press for not looking as beautiful as it could. EverydayDriver—my favorite video review guys—remarked that "it's a 7, maybe an 8, but it could have been a 10; this is a car that's starting with a blank sheet of paper." But is it, really? I think there's more of the 2000GT in this design than meets the eye. Read more… and also check out Where All the Interior Trim on the BRZ Was Stolen From.

The Answer Is Always MX-5 With A 500 Horsepower V8 - TheDailyTurismo


The Mazda MX-5 Miata was launched in 1989 just as the classic two seat European roadster market was imploding. Sales of the MGB, Triumph TR-whatever, Fiat Spider and Alfa Romeo Spider were either on their way down the drain or just heaping portion of Indian food away from splashdown. Read more…

Diesel Minivans Need to be a Thing - Automatch Tom

I recently took a family road-trip from my home state of NJ to Charleston SC, and Savannah Georgia. I had a couple of interesting automotive encounters along the way. For this journey we did not use my 2010 Mazda3, because that would be insane with an 18 month old, two large suitcases and a wheelchair. Instead, we used our 2008 Toyota Sienna XLE w/ Braun Conversion. As I drove along Highway 95, I came to the very obvious conclusion that a minivan is pretty much the ideal road-trip vehicle. Sure RVs are nice but they are scary at 70mph and a total pain to park. However, despite the minivan's all-star qualities there is a pretty big area that could be improved upon...the engine. Read more…


An Easter Sunday tale... - doodon2whls


Easter Sunday was my opportunity to wash the last remnants of winter salt off of the SRT-4 ACR for the summer season. While it does have 115,000 miles on it, I treat my SRT-4 right (like most of my toys). Regular sponge baths, synthetic oil changes, and maintenance have left me with a clean example of this oft under-appreciated car. Read more…

SoCal To NorCal and Back In My WRX - Alex Carrillo

You don't truly know a car unless you've taken it on a long road trip. I've owned my Subaru WRX (MY2013) for about a year and a half and last weekend was its first true test. It was tasked with taking me from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Not through the tedious Interstate 5, but through the scenic and windy California State 1. Read more…


My Beat Down Porsche And Its Backstory - CodyVella


I spent the better part of three years puttering around Ontario in 20 year old Civics, staring at a charcoal grey '84 Porsche 944 every time I pulled into my driveway. It was beat down, distressed, and just plain tired. Worst of all, it was on a salvage title; meaning that no insurance company in Ontario wanted to touch the car. Read more…

Where The Asphalt Runs Out - BenjaminLeBlanc

The deafening rattle of open headers is universal for most types or racing; however, attacking mother nature where few have before in a vehicle is rare. The simple definition from Dictionary.com of an off road race is "existing, taking place, or designed for use off paved or public roads or in rugged terrain." However, the definition leaves too much of the activity undiscussed. Read more…


All the Strange Chinese Cars from the 2014 Beijing Auto Show - Fractal Footwork


And by "strange," I mean that they are surprisingly not that strange, and that is quite an important step for cars that we may be driving in a few decades. Read more…

Helmets for you and what brand to pick - aj reuter

In continuing on my safety series, tonight we will discuss helmets, what kind to get, what brand would work for you and what your looking for. Read more…


Pleasant surprises and tips from my first days with a Fiesta ST - Battery Tender Unnecessary


I've only had the Fiesta for four days and 400 miles, most of which consisted of a silly grin etched on my face. I knew it would be a great drive from the press it's been getting, but there were still a few fun surprises. Read more…


Below Average Cars: 1973 International Harvester Travelall - Merkin Muffley

Welcome to Below Average Cars, an occasional series about kickass cars you can buy for less than the average price of a new car… These days, the Travelall is quite rare. In my thirty-odd years of life, I have probably seen at least twenty or more Scouts for every Travelall I have seen, and I haven't seen one this nice with mine own two eyes since the days of the Reagan Administration. Read more…


Dream garage #3: Shelby GTS - vert304


The overpriced underdog. Yes, It will cost you slightly over 10 grand more to go just as fast as a gt in a straight line. Yes, it takes about 7 months to make. Yes, it will cost you about the same as fully loaded GT500. Yet, at the same time I am so very attracted to it. Read more…

2013 Ford Fusion Energi Review - Nibby

What is it? A midsize sedan that is a plugin-hybrid. That means it has a gas engine and a battery. According to Ford, it can be driven up to 21 miles on electric power alone. Charging the battery from empty is 7hrs/2.5hrs (120V/240V outlet). This is a plugin car that still retains the looks of a regular Fusion and the interior space as well... the sacrifice, however, is a small trunk. Available in SE or Titanium, which has a lot of goodies and tech. More on that later. Read more…


Oppo Review: Audi RS7 - signintoburnerlol


You buy the Audi for the amazing power train it possess, noise, looks and quality. No, I'm lying. You buy it because it's fucking insane. You're a better person after you buy this car, because there's not that many cars out there that laugh at themselves, which is exactly what this one does. Read more…

The owner of Canada's first Nissan LEAF [Q&A inside] - Zipppy

The Nissan LEAF is by all means, a modern attempt at the mainstream electric car. I'd like to tell the story of Canada's first Nissan LEAF, on this so-called, "Earth Day". Read more…


2013 Nissan Leaf SL Oppositelock passenger review - alexb420


The Nissan leaf came onto market in 2011. It was the first mass produced BEV (battery electric vehicle). It only has 107 hp and 187 pound feet of torque, but all that torque is available from zero RPM, this makes the Leaf quite a zippy car. Read more…

Quickride: 2012 Toyota Mark X 250G Premium - Aya

Quickride is back with more JDM Obscure goodness! And today I'm introducing you to one of the newer JDM forbidden fruits that somehow ends up in my country: Toyota Mark X. Read more…


The Best of the Rest


TheOneΣlectronic joined the Easter Jeep Safari. Jagvar went to C&C in Great Falls as did Audi-os, amigos and willkinton247. Flavien Vidal spotted an e28 M5 in Montreal. MR2_FTW took some pictures of his Cressida wagon. MrTheEngineer chased down a pair of Veyrons. Asphalt drove Park Road in New York. Bad72AMX went to 4X4 heaven. TJDMAX bought an S4. GRIVLET did some miata-ing. Roflcopter hooned with friends. Big Bubba Ray said goodbye to his Baja Bug. Audi For Life had a go in an A6TDI. Erob599's brother brought an e39 M5 to easter dinner. Gizmo attended St. Louis Metro C&C. B. Body Burnout did some more lunchtime carspotting. Nafsucof autocrossed his Focus ST. WhiskeyGolf got some pictures of his Golf. Ricepuddin made some upgrades to his Mustang. CodyVella bought a Pathfinder. Jobjoris got the engine out of his donor 2002. jlmounce bought a Grand Cherokee. KalakaBoooom bought a Fiesta ST. Ricorich196 got a C300. Slantedpepper went to a Porsche swap meet. VincentvanCabrioW's Cabrio met a Beetle. TDIGuy spotted a Rapide in DC. Suby555 bought a Miata. BeauM got the numbers to complete his Gulf livery.

As always, If I've missed something and you would like me to include it, let me know.



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