This Sunday a group of around 7000 people protested Obrador’s decision to cancel the international airport. The important thing about it isn’t that the protestors were right or wrong... it was how much money they had.

The so called “Marcha FiFi” was comprised of mostly rich, influential Mexicans. “FiFi” is Obrador’s catch-all term for the Mexican elite or whomever disagrees with him (which has been mostly the Mexican elite to be honest). The march is odd because the privileged never march here.

The march was odd because many people were caught with xenophobic and classist propaganda about the migrants and those who voted for Obrador

The march was odd because legislators whose party supported curtailing public-space protesting rights in Mexico City had attended this protest in a public space.


The march was odd because people compared Obrador to Maduro even if there’s no indication that Obrador would govern like him at all or that Mexico’s economy is at all comparable to Venezuela’s.

The march was odd because hundreds of people drove in, and many of them had cups of Starbucks coffee.


But those 7000 protestors, be them right or wrong about the airport... they look like fucking assholes on TV. They look like people who do not have a basic understanding of what country they live in. They look like the kind of people that think donating 10 dollars a year to UNICEF will end poverty. A “let them eat cake bunch”

Which why it doesn’t matter if they’re right or wrong about the airport. What matters is that they weren’t there to protest the abuse of power by Peña Nieto when the government murdered 43 people and covered it up. They never protested working conditions or long hours or bad pays or bad schools.


They only care about the airport... which seems to have become a symbol of who has the power in the country. The rich want the airport, the working class doesn’t. Which is the worst part.

No matter where the airport gets built, the so called “abusive” contractors will keep their contracts. So they won’t lose a penny! The Mexican tourism industry will loose a lot of money by any estimate, and so will Mexico’s value as a foreign investment. Which sure... mostly benefits the rich and the able here... so only the rich will suffer from this displacement.


But what if instead of canceling an airport, they got law enforcement to investigate cases of corruption and money laundering in the airport? What if instead of hurting the rich they start to fucking tax them at a rate that is adequate (by that I mean raise the taxes)?

The thing about this march is that everyone is wrong because instead of looking for solutions we looked for reasons to fight. So no one looks good now. We all look like idiots.