I hit it dead-on too, which is why the grill is no more. Admittedly, I’m more annoyed than angry. When I got the Town & Country a little bit ago, I change the grand prix from ‘full insurance’ to ‘bare minimum’ to save us money in the long wrong. Naturally I only have towing on the grand prix now.

Right after I hit the deer I turned the car off and popped the hood to check the internal damage. It all seemed good, mostly the plastic was shattered and thrown about, so I proceeded to remove anything that was busted during the accident and throw it into the trunk (which is why the headlight is now missing in the later pictures, the mounts broke). I then turned the car on and let it run for a bit to see if anything odd happens. It appears to be functional, but since this is my daily driver I drove it to my local mechanic to assess the damage.


From me, a amateur car person, assessing it, it seems like the front bumper took the brunt of the hit. If the mechanic says nothing functional got damaged, I’m going to start believing that the grand prix is a tank.

Update: the mechanic called, all damage is cosmetic, which in of itself is a miracle honestly. The damage was localized to the hood, the front bumper, the headlight, and the headlight bracket. I now need to price out the two priorities, the bracket and headlight, to make the car drive-able in the dawn of the morning.

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