Hit a milestone last night

I no longer DD a five-figure-mileage car anymore.

Fun facts:

•This is the second top-trim midsized Mazda sedan I’ve crossed into the six-digit realm in.


•This is only my second solely-owned car I’ve had with under 100K miles on it. My wife’s 6 and our jointly-owned CX-5 don’t count.

•Both times I’ve crossed 100k, I’ve pulled off onto a side road alongside a Mobil On-The-Run to take a picture of the odometer.

The prior Mazda didn’t love live long past crossing 100k, as it was my first car, and got wrecked. Knock on wood, history won’t repeat itself, but if it does (unlikely, I’m 10-years accident-free and drive less than 50 miles a week), I’m in a good position to replace it, and I’m not so attached to it that such an event would have as much of an impact as before.

The other 5 cars I’ve owned have had more than 100K, so it’s a novelty to have such a “young” car. My second and third cars had well over 200K miles on them, so I'm less concerned with the quantity of the mileage than what it can mean for upcoming maintenance.

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