Hit the 100k Milestone Yesterday

No, this isn’t about hitting 100k miles on a car. Instead it’s about hitting 100k page-views on my most prolific Oppo article! Do you realize how long it takes to hit ‘refresh’ that many times?!?

I made it to the big time!

While I really enjoy what I wrote, and I think it’s a great starting point if you are looking to buy an RX-8, getting to that many views wasn’t really because of anything I did. It was because of getting it shared to Jalopnik as a standalone article and has also been linked to in a few other Jalopnik articles. Because of all the views it got, Google then took notice and generally this article will now show up just below the Wikipedia article on most searches for “RX8".


I still wish Jalopnik shared some of the more prolific works that us Oppo’s have created. Whoever wrote that one article that F’ed it up for the rest of us can eat a bag of dicks.

I’ve been lazy about my writing this year as I have 3 half-finished articles that I really want to finish up. My motivation just has not been there. To you people who do this for a living, I have much respect for you as I can’t consistently bang out articles. But just writing this post seems to have giving me a bit of inspiration. Tonight at work I might just have to write a page or two...

As for my love of the RX-8, it is still there. I stress out about the car all the time though as I have faced a number of issues this past year. I am actually going to get it compression-tested shortly as I have plans on spending a few thousand dollars on making it into a somewhat competitive STX-class autocross car. But there’s no point in it if my engine isn’t in good health. We’ll see I guess.


So anyways, thanks to all who have read my stuff. It’s really cool to know that I have made something that has at least stood the test of a couple-years of time. And at the very least, make sure you go to OppositeBlog regularly as it has plenty of great reads on it that sometimes get bumped off the Oppo front page a bit too quickly.

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