For those knowledgeable about hitch receivers, offroad recovery, or both:

I had the dealer install the Subaru hitch receiver on my 2020 Outback. The Subaru hitch receiver replaces the original bumper beam. When the hitch receiver is installed, “it is not possible to install the rear towing hook” per item 6 on page 1 of the installation instructions.

Therefore, I bought a receiver hitch shackle. There are two holes through the Subaru-installed hitch receiver, one in the middle through which the pin fits, and another at the back that is smaller. The body of the shackle will fit completely in the receiver, but the pin hole of the body then pretty much lines up with the small hole at the back of the receiver, and I can’t put the pin through. To install the pin, the body has to stick about a third of the way out of the receiver.

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So, is the receiver set up poorly from Subaru?

Does the product I bought have the pin hole too far back?

Is it actually no big deal to have part of the shackle body sticking out when I use this for recovery?

All of the above, maybe?

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