Hitching a Ride to Work with the Wife Tomorrow

Car’s already parked outside the shop so they can fix whatever it is that they broke...

So, last Wednesday I found a small transmission fluid puddle under my car and asked my shop to take a look and see what was going on with my Charger. (I work at a car dealership as a car salesman) Long story short, they didn’t look at my car until Monday...whatever that’s no problem. While it was being looked at I told them to also check for what was causing a clunk on the front end when going over bumps. *Easy enough*

Nice Service Writer Lady told me that they knew exactly what the issue was with the clunk (control arms) and found that my radiator was leaking trans fluid. I only have a $100 deductible so I said jump on it and clean it up!

They begin work and replace the control arms and radiator. *SUCCESS*...sort of. Nice Service Writer Lady tells me that the car still makes a clunk and that after talking with the Chrysler dealer down the road, the parts they replaced should have fixed it and the only suspension parts on the front end that haven’t been replaced yet are sway bar links. She then tells me that the other dealer said there can’t be anything else that it could be. She then proceeded to ask me if the car drove ok as it is or if I wanted her to submit a claim for this as well...being that the vehicle DIDN’T have the problem fixed I told her to have it fixed. (Duh) She then told me about how the warranty company might not like it and think we’re “throwing parts at the car” to which I responded in my head “That’s kind of what’s going on though” and verbally said that I’d really like it fixed.

Fast forward a few hours...now I’ve taken the car home and out to fill up with gas and then out to dinner. While getting ready to leave my friends at dinner, one of them points out that my car is smoking and then looks under my car to a HUGE FREAKING PUDDLE!!! I then had him meet me at the dealership and drive me home. And I’m now currently FUMING and writing a horrible online article that is likely illegible and hasty. All the while, pissing off my wife who now has to plan her morning around how to get me to work and still make it to school on time before the students show up...yay.

If you made it this far...here’s a picture of something I’ve been searching my dealership group’s inventory for to replace my Charger:


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