How do you save it?

Because I saved it, but not really sure how I did it. I went for a big ride this past weekend and was on a beautiful (and empty) mountain road. I was riding relatively cautious - not quite spirited - but more of a “enjoy the view” kinda ride. As I entered a turn I noticed some of the dirt/rocks on the shoulder were scattered into the asphalt a bit. No sooner did I think to myself “Dirt on the road, I better keep a heads up” that I saw the patch of dirt right in the middle of my riding line. I hit it and immediately felt the loss of traction and the bike began the “baby’s first lowside” dance under me. I put my foot down and pushed off to bring the bike back up. And it worked. I can’t remember what I did with my hands - I probably grabbed the clutch and rolled off the throttle, and maybe applied some front brake?

I wasn’t going super fast. I think I was going around 30 mph, give or take. So it wouldn’t have been catastrophic, bur it wouldn’t have been a good day if I went down. I credit the save half to my leg and the other half to the fact that my bike is around 385 lbs wet. Now, I’m not sure if I would have been able to save it if I had been on a bigger, heavier bike (like the adventure bike I contemplated renting for this trip).


So... what’s your experience with saving yourself from going down due to debris on the turn?