You may have noticed that my posting of photos from Portland Cars and Coffee has been spotty at best. I haven't really attended the meet regularly.

Why? I guess between the change in the overall crowd, dealing with a set of a**hats, douches and arrogant pricks, it just hasn't been very enjoyable to go. The last time I was out there, I was framing a shot when a prick decided to back in a spot without slowing down or seeing if anyone (there were three people, including myself) in that spot. Had to run out of the way and the driver gave no f*cks.

It has happened more and more over the past several times I've been there.

Before the change in crowd, I used to enjoy coming out, chatting with the friends that I've made over the several years. I also found the process of framing and composing a shot to be something like meditation for me. Now, it feels more like getting barraged by hundreds of vuvuzelas.

Sorry for the rant and the soap box time.