So my wife drove the car without me today (sort of a big deal as she just managed to transfer her driving license to a Japanese one, and she hasn’t really driven much since she acquired her license more than a decade ago), and she managed to drive a fair distance with the emergency brake on. After about 10 minutes she noticed a squealing sound.

My question is regarding rear rotors and pads:

Are the rear rotor & pads for a 2.5i (2006) sedan sold in the USA different from the parts for a 2.0i sedan sold in Japan?


There are some cheap rotor and pad sets available from that I’m guessing will be cheaper than parts here in Japan. (I’m a bit curious about a brand called Power Stop.)

I’d actually love to get some stainless rotors (to cut down on the rusting that happens after every rain, and it’s really bad after typhoons), but that’s probably going to be too expensive.

For your time:

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