My mom might be getting a new car pretty soon. My car is reaching 131k and I’m afraid of having to deal with costly repairs and I don’t want nor need a large SUV anymore. My mom’s current car is a 2013 Hyundai Elantra which in my opinion is a pretty good car; it’s comfortable, sporty and gets decent fuel economy (better than my Pilot for sure). Sure it doesn’t have a manual (if only it was this) but I like driving it.

What I was thinking that we could do is if the buy-out option isn’t too expensive, we buy out that Elantra and sell the Pilot. My mom is most likely getting an SUV of some sort so we don’t have too much of a need for it, plus the Pilot could be worth an okay (like 6k) amount of money if we sell it locally. Also it would mean I’m in a newer car with far less mileage and also a small one so I wouldn’t have to drive some useless behemoth. So would this be a good idea especially if the buy-out is a good price?


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