That’s certainly unique.

I’m on the fifth floor of a crazy looking custom home, with a dog that has been barking nonstop for an hour and an owner who clearly has no idea how to train her dog. I am always amazed at how people can live thinking it’s perfectly acceptable to have a dog that goes off around strangers. Oh and not to mention how shitty it would be to be their neighbors.... Maybe it’s different in other areas, but around here a good 50% of dogs are poorly trained. Well... It would be more accurate to say that the owners are poorly trained. Too timid, trying to get their pets to stop barking with treats and softly spoken “Bela, no. Bela, no. Bela, please. Don’t, worry, she’ll stop barking eventually”


Oh well. I guess I could add an annoying yappy dog fee..? Anyways, I’m not looking forward to the exterior of this home. The rule of thumb is “the crazier looking the house, the more difficult it will be to do” and that certainly holds true here.

The neighbors have an 8 hole mini golf yard. Nice.

View from a fourth floor pane. Half the windows are barred bec they directly on the floor. Ugh. Someone come help


(update) After an hour and a half of constant barking the dog has been put outside. And is still barking. Yeesh