The idea of ever owning a new car is feeling wholly unlikely over the next decade or so.


Take the Corolla hatchback XSE, for example. It can be found for a hair under $24k at some dealers. That’s a cheap car. But it’s not a drop in the bucket. Plus I do all the usual “me” stuff:

- that money would be better spent elsewhere. Savings, the house, paying off debt. Also I don’t think I have $24k laying around!

- Financing? That payment plus insurance would be another bigly bill. Better spent on... [see above]

- Oh, maybe get sell the Sportcross for some fat cash, making the XSE much more affordable — But why would I surrender a car I like for one that costs over twice as much that I’ll barely drive? And that money could be better used for —


There exists no burning desire to buy a new car, really, though I dream of it at times like everyone else. But with how I’m wired, it’s like I’ll never be able to rationalize such a purchase — ever. I’m a tethered servant of opportunity cost. The Sportcross alone was one of the bigger monetary existential crises of my life. For an old Lexus! Why is my wife with me, again? 🤔

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