Noticed I no longer got any replies to any posts I’ve made on Jezebel... thought nothing of it at first, but then noticed that my posts don’t seem to be showing on the actual website any more.

I see this when I go to my posts:

Whereas that post does not show at all on the comments page, even if I show all and expand all, and whether logged in or out:

Anybody else notice this? Curious if it’s recreatable— here’s the direct link it gives to my post and a link to the article itself:



Let me know if you’re seeing the same thing. Seems like a pretty underhanded way of banning people, if that’s what’s happening... was greyed for the longest time and then ungreyed— now hidden. I’d rather be back in the greys. If this is a new policy on Jezebel in some way, shame on them... a lack of discourse is unhealthy and that site seems to be turning into quite an echo chamber— wouldn’t be surprised if they were just silencing voices of dissent right now, and I got caught up in the fray.



I emailed Julianne, the post author, and she was able to look into it and determine that the ban was mistakenly applied. I know a couple of you mentioned having the same issues— asked her if there’s someone good you can send clarification notes to and maybe we can get your accounts unblocked too! Really appreciative of everyone’s feedback and Julianne for helping so far outside of her focus area (IT vs journalism).