This one’s a tough one. An actual tough one.

So one of the Jeeps I’m looking at is from CL because that is how things are done. I’ve been texting with the seller today. And what they’re saying certainly seems to check out on the surface. But I could use a second opinion.


  • No problem with showing the car in person
  • Photos are definitely unique to the listing and even show the plate
  • The photos check out with the address as well; was able to confirm with the houses
  • VIN matches up across the board
  • Carfax history lines up with their story - purchased locally 3 months ago from a reputable dealer I’m familiar with
  • Cell phone number appears to be clean

Iffy Bits:

  • Seller says they’re waiting on title transfer. Ohio BMV can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks though.
    This would jive if they paid it off in order to sell it. It’s not expensive.
  • Seller suggested waiting till they have title in hand before looking in person
    Note, they were happy to show it today if I want to look
  • Claims they bought it for winters here, but just “got transferred.” That’s the one that sends up alarm bells. But they aren’t claiming military.

What say ye, Oppos? Treat it as legit or walk away?