Last week I've accidentally bumped into my hs sh(yeah, that word needs to die).

Little flashback: We obviously broke up when we went to different colleges because staying together was never going to work. Since then I've seen her once, but never spoke with her again. Like I said, she is apparently back, after a failed marriage with a crazy Irish guy and an on/off/on/off relationship with an ever aspiring(but never actually confirming) poet and songwriter wannabe that went to the same hs with us and the same college with her.

Last week, we talked for a couple of hours, but I told her that even if I'm sorry for her crappy love life, we can't get back together, because I have a girlfriend, for almost a year now, and I don't plan to brake up with her.

Today she texts me telling me that she dreamed me last night, and in that dream I was kissing her. I was like What!? She also said that she wants to see me asap. I'm confused...