Couldn’t find a cotter pin for the castle nut? Just add a second nut. At least that’s what I thought must’ve been the idea when I took the hubcap off and saw this. But then...

After I pulled the outer nut off, the inner one wasn’t even screwed on - it was too big for the threads. What? What were they thinking?

Taking things apart. Blurry because it was getting dark. Didn’t really have time to do anything this weekend except spend a few minutes pulling things off the car.


Brakes don’t look as bad as I thought they would. Might not need to rebuild the calipers at all. Just replace the pads and hoses. One area of the inner fender was bubbling, and I stuck a screwdriver through it - but it’s also an area that needs to be reinforced with thicker metal for rally use anyway, so killing two birds with one stone when I weld that up.


...also need to learn to weld things up.