2 months ago I posted about a job I applied for in my organization, in the post I put a picture of a FoRS:

I didn’t hear much about it as they were trying to hire one other person before they hired for the position I applied for and their first candidate for the other position fell through on the first go, so they had to repost and reinterview.

On Monday I got word that the person who oversees the department wanted to interview me early this week as they finally had the other position filled.

Woah, 0 to 100 real quick.

We met today, she offered me the position informally before the end of the interview.


Got the offer letter with pay information before I left for the day. Just about enough of a raise after taxes to pay off one of these in about 4 years(same car I put in my last post):


Not gonna happen, although, this might be the push I need to spring from the turbo beetle to something marginally bigger/more practical/fun(maybe a 2010-11 S4 but even that's pretty hopeful). But mostly I’m gonna pay down debt, save, fix up my house, and plan a vacation for the family.