This is my exhaust manifold heatshield in the engine bay.....anybody notice anything strange? Like how it’s not quite sitting correctly?

It seems that it has rusted out exactly ONLY around the holes that bolt it in place... 0_o

As in, the bolts are all still in there here, but the actual metal around them has rusted away and the shield has fallen and is currently being supported by nothing more than the O2 sensor as far as I can tell (though maybe some other bolts farther down? Not sure...)

Also, conveniently, in the first picture you will note that the bracket that is welded to the heatshield that holds the O2 sensor cable has also rusted it has rusted through on ONLY the EXACT places that actually are most important! Super!

Anybody have any experience unbolting O2 sensors? If I were to try and pull one of these shields from a Rio or Accent at the local pick and pull yard, how hard is it going to be to get that thing out...?

Oddly, you can’t hear any rattling from it at all while idling or driving! 0_o