So im testing continuity on my 96 Caravans PCM. I put one lead on the coil #1 pin and I touch any ground pins I have continuity (beeps). Put the lead on coil #2 and I have none on the pins or any others.

When I tested the coil plug with my 12v test light (red wire to batt + and neg to sensor wiring), the #1 wire would stay lit, even while cranking and without the key in the ignition!

The #2 coil wire stays off with the ignition off, and flashes as the engine is turning over like it should.

So with my diagnosis I suspect the ignition is grounding out in the PCM preventing me from getting any spark. I removed most of the wiring harness to look though any wires that could be worn, touching the chassis or anything. Ohmed out every wire from the 40 pin connectors to the sensors they go to, grounds, and all check out fine.

Any further thoughts?


And the pin outs for the connectors.