Hmmmm ... that wasn't like that UPDATED, found the problem

I took this picture when I realized how FUBARed that tire standing up is (broken belt), but that’s not why I’m posting it. Note the distance between the back of the tire and the wheel well. It’s about 1-1/4", or 30mm for those of you communists who use the metric system (I kid, I kid!).

Tonight I was sitting on the patio with my wife, and I noticed the front wheels are more like 1/2-5/8" away from the wheel well. I wasn’t able to get a picture before it got dark, but I’m REALLY curious to look under the car now. I bet the axle shitting the bed is related.



In the light of day, I realized it’s only the front left wheel that got pushed back. It’s 5/8" away from the wheel well, whereas the front right wheel is 1-1/2".

I decided to get on the ground, stick my phone under there, and take a bunch of pictures to see if I could find the problem.

Yep, there it is.


One of the bolts holding on the front of the lower control arm is missing, throwing the alignment WAY off.


Here’s how the tire looks after the 90 mile tow home.

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