I picked up a new side project. A couple in a neighboring town want to build a 5000 sq ft house. Awesome. They are nice people and i’m excited to be working with them. This is a huge project for me, but not something I can’t handle. What i’m getting worried about is the budget. The husband showed up late, so I started talking with t he wife first. She said the construction budget is about $600k. well with some quick math, $150-$200 a square foot, that is $750k-$1m. Then the husband shows up and says he wants two basements. Uh what? H wants to dig two levels down. That is a first for me. I dont know what requirements that has for things like ventilation or if the town is even going to allow that. The husband said he wants a big house and is willing to pay for it. Being willing to pay and being capable to pay are two very different things. So while i’m very excited about this project, I’m also a bit nervous that I’ll be designing a house and then a few months later, designing another smaller house, probably with only one basement.


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