My wife seems to be fading in enthusiasm for the old German lifestyle now that winter is here. Sounds like she wants to shop for replacements for our wagon and let me reclaim the 535i. She wants something newer than 2007, with good space(~25 cu ft seats up, or 55 seats down), automatic, unique/cool and this should be our go to reliable vehicle. No RWD. Bonus if it looks acceptable with a roof rack. Double bonus if we can catch some sleep in it in a pinch.

She may take the reigns on shopping herself(which I’d be fine with) but I think two of the leading contenders should be:

2015-16 GTI

2010-12 Cadillac CTS Wagon

The amount of cargo space between the two is not actually that different. The GTI would be more expensive but we’d tack one more year on the loan to keep the payments similar.


If she likes these suggestions, I’ll be interested to hear what she prefers. I’ve driven a couple of Audi A3s and always really liked them, especially the DSG, and for whatever reason the GTI seems to be immune to typical VW reliability woes. However, I have a feeling the misses will be more of a CTS person. And that would be just fine with me.

Open to feedback, but mostly thinking out loud.