I'm thinking about making some HNBAS shirts to help fund my Spec Miata racing. Good idea or terrible idea?


The line comes from Talladega Nights, which came out while I was in college. Being in mechanical engineering school and a jalop, I had to find my way into the SAE, and their respective vehicular competitions. One of these is SAE Baja, where you build an off road vehicle from the ground up using a few off the shelf components and a 10hp Briggs. It's basically Spec Briggs Offroad Buggy. We had a car every year but it wasn't always great or durable.


I went to a tiny school and funding was always pretty low, but sometime around my junior year we got a car that actually performed decently. The first competitive event we went to with the new car was at a motocross track with a jump at the bottom of a hill. We got serious air for the first time. Everyone was hyped, the thing stayed together, and the only way to describe it was Hot Nasty Bad Ass Speed. It became our mantra, and I still carry it with me to this day.

Appreciate any feedback, I love HNBAS as a saying, I've got stickers on mine and some buddies cars and I just wanted to gauge interest in the opponauts.

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