2nd firebird post today. My father in law went to a dealer sale yesterday and this is now sitting on the lawn:

Illustration for article titled Hnngh

It’s a 92 LB9 305/auto (VIN “E”) and I know he can’t have more than a few hundred bucks into it. Has a yellow “not for sale,” sticker from sitting on a dealer’s back lot. T-tops and a mostly clean-looking interior (other than the foam falling off the steering wheel) tells me that this is a good driver/cruiser candidate until the 305 spins a rod bearing and it’s time for an LS swap.

But alas, because it’s my FIL, he’ll tell me some outrageous asking price when I inquire. Last time we asked about a vehicle it was an 03 Civic EX with 200k right before we got the Cherokee. He said he had $3500 in it and wanted $4500 out of it. No thank you.


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