Did a bit more fiddling in Illustrator last night. Now I’m thinking on top of getting some black steelies, I should also paint the letters on my tires white.

After seeing that I’m now thinking thats it... Thats where I want my truck to be visually. I’m not sure I wanna go crazier than that. I think thats the most menacing I can make her look without stripping her of her elegance.


So here’s a visualization of the proposed transformation of my truck, including what has already been done and how it was originally:

PS: My local U pull it sells steel wheels for 15 bucks a piece. If I grab 3 full size spares off of other Rangers, use my black steel full size spare as a 4th, and one of my aluminum deer hoofs as a full size spare, then I can have steelies for 45 bucks out the door, plus discount tire mounts tires for 11 bucks a wheel so thats $78 bucks total. I also have a discount tire warranty so they may even mount and balance them for free. I’ll have to deal with their stupidity again, but at least I know what I’m getting into this time and can correct their mistakes immediately instead of finding them later on.

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