You never know what life (aka dealer loaner cars) will hand you. Sometimes you get a brand-new BMW 328i Sport. Sometimes, you get a beat-to-shit old Saturn. I am currently experiencing the latter.

My car is in the shop getting its catalytic converter problem fixed. In the meantime, I’m driving this. I won’t complain too much, because of course I’m lucky they gave me a car to drive at all, so I’ll start with the positive stuff. The V6 works fine, and the defroster and wipers are amazingly good. That being said, this is a $1500 car. Absolutely everything else about it is completely terrible. I won’t rattle on too much, but the biggest problem is the brakes. They are incredibly firm, and if you want to stop in anything much shorter than coasting distance, you have to stand on the pedal.

This Saturn is a wonderful reminder of just how lucky (or spoiled) I am. That being said, I want my car back :(

EDIT: See my response to Jared Rose as to why I’m not “offended” by this loaner.