HOA drama

I am watching a drama playing out in real time in my inbox. Our HOA was planning to pay to replace homeowner fences that look toward the outside of the neighborhood with uniform fencing that matches everyone else’s. The problem is that a couple of the people like their fence and declined to take the offer.

The drama is that the Board voted to go ahead anyway with the houses that accepted the offer.


The treasurer is now publicly outing the Board for what he thinks is unethical use of HOA funds for personal gain. You see, two of the members on the Board have fence that would be replaced at community expense. He feels that this is an apparent impropriety and misuse of HOA funds for personal gain now that the original goal of uniformity is at present unattainable.

A fire storm has ensued in which the members of the board are sniping back and forth over the group forum and accusing each other of various bad behaviors.


Get your popcorn, kids!

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