Hobby and Social Advice Requested

Hello Oppo! In the never ending quest to fight my depression and anxiety and to feel better about life my therapist has assigned me some homework that I think you would be able to help me with. Basically, my therapist and I think I’ll feel better if I have more positive experiences and social interaction than what I currently get.

I’m a 24 year old male in college and I’m looking for hobbies and social activities. I was hoping you could share what you do and maybe that would give me some ideas for myself.


Currently I do some photography (which I need to do more of) but I’m running out of ideas of what to shoot. I’m also a gamer but want things that get me out of the house or get me more active or engaged. Basically I stay in my room, sleep and occasionally take photos when I’m not going to class or working.

I like learning new skills and am pretty handy at fixing stuff. I’ve always liked building things since I was a small child with legos. I like restoring things too, I once fixed up an old riding lawnmover and liked doing that.

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I used to play trombone and was thinking about maybe picking up a keyboard and trying to learn piano.


It would be great to find something that has some emotional expression in it. I like art but don’t do much outside of photography.

I miss having dogs and was thinking maybe volunteering at a shelter could be good for me.


I also have a very week social life. I have 1 friend that I hang out with in person and have never been in a relationship or anything with anyone. Something that would be a social activity that could help me meet people would probably be a really positive thing for me.

I look forward to anything you could share or advice you could give me!

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