Oh Oklahoma Craigslist please don’t stop...

What it appear we have for sale is not a 2004 Suzuki Aero but this is not a typical Aero. This is a Ninja Transporting, flame jumping sex machine that can be yours for only $400.

While the car may be crap, I admire the posters creativity. I will post the full ad below to preserve the textual greatness upon its deletion.

This is machine will only be sold to an individual that gives 0 f*%ks about what people think and an extensive background check will be done to prove worthiness. This car is designed to make pastures and off-road tracks in to little bi#%hes with its 14" tires and no suspension. This isn’t a family car regardless of the stick family on the rear glass may indicate. It’s custom yellow and black paint job screams speed and the engine roars like a pissed off kitten or a grown man that just stepped on a Lego. The automatic transmission sends vibrations through your passengers body like an earth quake in Oklahoma making them pump adrenaline and anger through their bodies all in one fail swoop. This car is not for democrats and is guaranteed to piss Obama supporters off, & jihadists tremble in fear like a 10ft goat with an American flag looking for revenge is coming after them. I could continue to go on but I’ve got a date with a girl from plenty of fish in 10 min at the local shortcakes diner. Yea that’s right this car gets P.O.F ladies left and right. Lets just say you’ll need to increase your membership to handle the flood of inbox messages once you become the owner of this bad ass Suzuki Areo SX! Please txt only as I’ll be busy a majority of the time watching cartoons. Come change your life today!