Got a call Sunday from a buddy. “Hey the weather is nice, want to go fly an old school biplane?” Uh...hell yeah!!!

Admittedly, I’m not as well versed in older aircraft as I am in cars, boats, or motorcycles so I can’t remember what kind of plane it is. I’ll ask my buddy and report back, but I’m sure someone around here probably will beat me to the punch.

Once we were up in the air I got to take over the stick and fly around a bit. It was soo much fun to just soar through the sky like a bird. It’s easy to take the feat of flight for granted in this day and age. Most people’s experience with aircraft is with your usual airline and that can be exciting in it’s own way. But it’s a whole other experience to be in an open cockpit aircraft much closer to the ground in a much more sensitive plane. A good analogy would be that riding in a 737 is like riding in a bus whereas getting behind the stick of this biplane is (because this is oppo) like driving a Miata AW11 MR2. Was gonna say Miata, but a Miata is more forgiving. An MR2 is twitchier and more prone punish you if you screw up.

Anyways, I snapped some pictures so enjoy!


All fueled up

And we’re flying!!! Yes it’s Ohio, there’s not much to look at.


Look down at those plebians and their water-based transportation huhuhuh


we may have hit 5 g’s during some of the loops and rolls. Much more fun than any rollercoaster ride.


They use this plane for skydiving. They didn’t fly it that day, but they did fire it up and taxi around.

Who knows, I might think about getting my pilots license now...