Let me set the stage a bit first. A few months back I took my girlfriend to ride along at a rallycross event (New England region SCCA A-Number 1) at which she very much enjoyed, and fell in love with the VW rabbits and golfs that were running in the FWD classes. On the way home from the event she was already looking in the usual places to find a cheap one for sale she could rallycross herself (and myself being an enabler, helped)

Possible cars came and went with no real winners, until about a month back. This little guy popped up on a rally buy/sell group and she jumped on it.

So that was that. The price was right, and we made plans to rent a trailer and head up to Ontario to buy it and bring back home to southern New Hampshire a couple of days before New Year’s. I’d never towed a trailer before so I was a bit nervous, and had one condition that it not be snowing (idiot, I know.)

Getting there wasn’t too bad, minus a 3 hour delay for u-haul to tell me my wiring harness was bad but naturally it was their trailer. But we did arrive at 3am giving us about 2-3 hours of sleep before getting up to pick up the car. Oh also it started snowing, naturally.

But it was there! And it was perfect (for a super cheap logbooked rally car)


We got it loaded up on the trailer, stuffed both my Xterra and the Golf full of tires wheels and spare parts, then headed back to the border. Crossing was super simple, but it started to snow harder. 2 hours in we were in a full blown lake effect blizzard going about 20mph in darkness/white out conditions. I think I had a panic attack for a solid 2 hours until we called it and got a room in a hotel at the nearest exit.


The remainder of the trip the following day was uneventful and towing wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Now we just need the subzero temps to go away so the car can properly be washed up and start getting into fixing the little things that it needs, and invest in some new safety equipment so my girlfriend can get to racing it. I guess I need to learn how to co-drive as well!