Holiday vs me: Day one.

I WAS brought to this far away land pretty much against my will.

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I don’t think Monterrey is shitty, on the contrary it has proven to be an interesting place. One stereotype is truer than any other and it is that this city is a carbon copy of an Western American city: Urban sprawl, many cars, huge roads, huge houses (no apartments), everything is bigger here than in Mexico City; even Starbucks shops are bigger. It also messed with my perception of time; since there’s good infrastructure for cars theres almost no traffic, no matter where you go you’ll get there rather quickly and as a result we did what would’ve taken me two days’ work in Mexico City in about three hours.

It also filled another stereotype, but this is about my family being way more conservative than myself and arguing about crap like the death penalty (I’m against it; they’re for it) and “mando unico”(I’m againts it; they’re for it) because its the north of Mexico and of course us southerners brought up the security issue we hear about all day on TV. The Regios in my family really want them to burn in hell...but who can blame them.


More than anything, I’m used to taking a lot more time to do shit so I ended up bored; drinking is not really an option as this side of my family is rather strict on it (I don’t really like drinking alcohol alone anyways) and I feel lost here anyway.

I ended up downloading Tinder just to see what I found eventually, up to now I’ve matched no one (yet, hopefully) and it reminded me that sometimes I judge people by their profile pictures and that’s not fair, so I decided to do a triple check:

If the photo has a dog: immediate swipe to the right.

If she claims to study engineering or arquitecture: immediate swipe to the right

If she likes The Strokes: immediate swipe to the right.

...So on. I just reminded myself why I don’t use it... It’s not like I’ll meet whomever I match with anyway.

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