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Holidays Be Like...

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Back in full effect once you have kids! Especially when all of your friends also have kids. I loved Halloween through Christmas as a kid. Even through college years it was such a fun time. Then after that the holidays became kind of stale. Sure we’d dress up and get drunk on Halloween, see family on Thanksgiving, and give/get gifts on Christmas but it just kind of felt forced.


In addition there were a few rough years with my family. People throwing down Jerry Springer style in my Nana’s nursing home, people we barely knew showing up to intimate family holidays and going off on racist rants etc...

This year we decorated for Halloween, dressed the baby up, handed out candy and just kind of chilled. Thanksgiving was finally normal, we’re doing more Christmas stuff that we have in years, and that Santa cat...The guy is fuckin’ everywhere! We’ve already seen him on the fire truck at several local “tree lightings”.


Saturday we’re going on a steam engine ride, and Sunday were doing some other Christmas BS at an orchard and I heard Santa is going to be at both places. What a guy.

Nothing groundbreaking here. Just something I noticed.

1502 update soon.

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