Hollow Victory

The trick was jamming a screwdriver into the holes and forcing them to align. Somehow this is designed to be installed, in a factory, in a quick amount of time, but the engine has to be precisely square on the mounts or they fuck up. Now I have to re-tighten the frame mount bolts, get new bolts to replace the ones inline tube sent (they arent the right length), and install the headers from the bottom as I ran out of time to do it “properly”



install starter, install flex plate, new engine dipstick, install vacuum hoses, electronics, alternator and power steering, front and rear main seal on transmission, transmission dipstick, install transmission with shift linkage, driveshaft (considering a new u-joint due to low cost), fix shifter ratchet, fix body mount, fluids ect, install front bumper, hood, and misc hardware. final checklist, new tires, inspection. I’m also skipping things for brevity.

Rust buckets are great guys. Guys?

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