I know for a lot of people on here, a Mazda Miata is the ideal winter beater. I disagree. My ideal winter beater is small and light, yes, but not quite that small and light. It has more space inside, more doors, a roof, and yes, four wheel drive. It's old and cheap enough that you don't worry about it, and tough enough that you actually don't need to. And, if I can have my way, it's a little bit rare. I'm not usually a fan of simple, cheer, bare-bones cars. But unless I was a person of massive disposable income, my winter beater would also not be an Audi. It would be a 4WD Toyota Tercel wagon, a car that I have the most inexplicable soft spot for. Seriously, no other cars of this nature creates any desire in me. But when I see a Tercel, with its mini Land Rover Discovery looks, skinny tires, and 4WD badge on the tailgate, all I can think is, "That would be an absolute blast to drive in the snow."

Then, there's this particular Tercel. It's hovering right around zero degrees fahrenheit here, and the roads are covered with ice and salt. Any car should be filthy. A Toyota this old should've rusted away. This thing should look like a winter beater. But it doesn't. It caught my attention driving down a major street, and I actually turned around to go take a look. It was that clean. And it's white, so dirt should be visible. But nope. It sat there, in all of its black steelie-d majesty, looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

I want it.