SiriusXM’s 90's channel is doing their countdown this weekend of the top 30 songs from this week in 1992 and it jolted my brain awake to the fact that I’ve now had my drivers’ license for almost exactly 24 years.

Most of the time that I listen to these countdowns in the 80's and 90's there’s always a few songs here and there that I don’t remember. I remember ALL of these songs. The first few days I had my license I had to have driven about 400 miles all around Colorado Springs while blasting whatever was on the radio. The song above was playing the first time I hopped in my car (an abominably bad 1980 Pontiac Phoenix) by myself.

A month later my stepdad got so frustrated with the Phoenix’s many breakdowns that he swapped it for a 1983 Chevy Celebrity that was awesome (no, really) just before my 17th birthday. If I remember right, this was the first song I heard on the Celebrity’s radio:

Good lord, I feel old.