Holy crap, I drove a Volt today and it was amazing!

Had to leave work early for a doctor’s appointment but it left me free for the afternoon. I decided to test drive the Malibu Hybrid and the Volt to see if I should consider them for my next car.

The Malibu is fantastic, feels like an upper trim level sedan and reminded me a lot of the Mazda 6. Not quite as fun to drive but quieter and calmer and still pulls nicely at highway speed. I liked it so much I almost didn’t drive the Volt.


Boy, I’m glad I did though! I’ve never driven anything like it before. It’s super quiet and comfortable but it pulls hard, nothing quite like that instant torque. The brake pedal is way too stiff, but that’s fine because braking can be done with the left steering paddle.

The Volt behaves like a normal car, cornering well and keeping its ride composed. However, it still feels special. The effortless, silent power is addicting and the way it responds makes it feel like a partner in crime.

If you haven’t driven one yet, do it.

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