Some 14 years old kid in Não me Toque, which is ten minutes away from my hometown of Carazinho, didn't just dream about getting a Saleen Mustang as his first car, he actually got lucky and found one.

I'd be as skeptical as anyone, if I didn't know every inch of Não me Toque, including the service station where these pictures were taken. The details of the find are a bit grim though... The car was aprehended by the border police trying to cross into Brazil from Rivera, Uruguay, and auctioned off. The car was reportedly purchased for 10 thousand reais (!!!), but the kid's father wants to sell it off after it's been legalized to run in Brazil. I've no idea how they'll go about it though, as far as I know, you can't import any used cars with less than 30 years, but I'm no specialist, so I figure there must be a way... Anyways, whatever comes of it, I hope the kid gets to keep the car, and that he's responsible with it. This is the kind of story pretty much every enthusiast dreams about and some lucky kid from a tiny little brazilian town is living it. Epic!