Remember the story Lehto published on Sunday about Jim Robertson and the entirely-un-asked-for GoFundMe car-buying campaign that eclipsed $80K raised yesterday? Well, a look at the campaign's page today shows something I never thought would happen.

The total money raised HAS GONE UP TO TWO HUNDRED AND SEVEN LARGE at the time of this posting. Holy crap. My jaw hit the floor when I saw that total go past eighty G's, but I about poo'd myself when I saw that nearly a quarter mil' has been raised for this deserving member of the American workforce.

Think about what this means for Mr. Robertson. Not only could he get a great new car and afford the operating costs and insurance, but he could also afford a house, furniture, and probably a year's worth of utility bills right in Rochester Hills.


Not only would a new house relieve him of any rent payments he's currently making, it would put him in a much nicer neighborhood and help him save on future commuting costs.

This is unreal. I thought the whole Connor's Day organization and the TorchBug search were amazing collective efforts, but this may take the cake. To all the people who donated to this cause, and all those who helped spread it: Well-freaking-done. You've warmed the deepest parts of our cold hearts and proven, once again, that the Internet isn't just a forum for boobies and douchebaggery.


My suggestion? After all the support fees have been paid (more info in the campaign's most recent update), get a fully-loaded Jeep Renegade for ~$40k, an 1100-sq. ft. house in 'Chester Hills for ~$95k, then stash the rest of it away for insurance and other bills.

UPDATE: Another three grand was raised in the time it took me to write this article. Looks like this campaign still has plenty of momentum. Too damn cool.