The exit to my office was blocked from red light traffic. The first guy moves up a bit so I can get out. Ms ML (not to be confused with Ms Mercedes) looks at me and guns it to close the gap. What ever your a bitch so i move up a bit to get ready as the next truck looks like he’s not going to be a dick and will let me go. MsML thinks I’m going to cut her off and moves forward. Now amused, I move forward a little more.  She freaks goes gas brake gas brake until she makes contact with the person infront. The light turns green she puts it in reverse and guns it backwards almost taking out the truck behind her. Throws it in drive and charges at my car, slams on the brakes a couple feet fom m door and starts yelling out the window. I gun it and take off. All this over a ‘spot' in line but even more I was going to head opposite from her so I wouldn't have even of taken that spot.


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