While it isn’t very mature yet, this is a promising tool for all who that are unaware that smartphone cameras can zoom.

What I mean by “mature,” is that some of the editing tools aren’t available if you use a portrait photo.

This is how it works.

1) Click on your photo, and select the new “cropping” icon.
2) Select “16:9" or “Custom ratio” and drag the corners of the cropping tool to select what part of the image to crop - then click “crop”—————— As I said a minute ago, when uploading a portrait photo, this particular part of the menu is pushed off the screen and you can’t get to it. ---- Hopefully they will fix it, but who am I kidding. This feature will probably go away before it’s fixed. 


If this cropping tool is available on mobile, it might actually make up for the crappy “Show More Comments” button.

Edit - It does work on mobile.


Since there are often large portions of cellphone photographs that are not worth sharing*, this this could be a great tool for some of us.

*like dashboards, sky, and parking lots.