My grandfathers boat!

I was looking around for a suitable image to illustrate a boat from my childhood and I found one that looks just like it. Then I clicked on the link to see how much they were asking and you know what? It IS the boat from my childhood! Its for sale and its still in Utah. I think its hard for me to understate how formative this boat was to my childhood. It captivated my imagination so thoroughly that to this day I still dream about those twin chrome throttle levers and the bubble level compass. This is the boat that my Grandfather bought to go offshore fishing in BAJA with my uncle in the 70’s, this was the boat I learned to ski behind, I fell asleep so many times in that cuddy. I know I don’t need it and it makes no sense for me to buy it buy damn am I tempted. I’ve often dreamed of buying it and restoring it but gave up hope of finding it again. Great crap on a stick...what to do?!