Muscle car has been sold.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Seriously, I’m going to miss it. It was my first car. Granted me freedom in high school, or so I expected. Wound up having to share it with my mom because we were in a difficult place financially. It saw 30,000 miles with me. It saw three whole states, three whole license plates.

I got it October 2012. It was registered in my name on September 29, 2013, my 17th birthday. I drove my friends around, I followed them to RC sites or to Mountain Mike’s Pizza after football games (It was our hangout, they even stayed open late just for us). It wore snow chains when I took it to South Lake Tahoe in January of 2014, and thoroughly indented the tires because they were for smaller wheels.

It drove me 320 miles to my university in Oregon. During my time there, I did a total of 4,000 highway miles driving to Seattle and back. It was the ultimate highway cruiser. You could point it in a direction and eat up the miles in comfort. It could get 35 MPG on the highway and that’s even without trying. With hypermiling, you could easily see 40 MPG.

And now it’s here, back in Washington where it originally came from. Conveniently dying at the same dealership the first owner had the timing belt and water pump changed. So far only two opponauts have seen it, PetarVN and AestheticsInMotion. To be honest I was expecting to catch Zoidberg in whatever rustbox he bought that week. But alas, he’ll have to see my next car.


So that’s that. Sorry for the lengthy post, but I am really attached to that car. I’m going to miss it, but I have a feeling that my next car will be even better. (No it’s not the Tercel quit asking).