I'm not sure how it is that I've never seen this before, but... I just came across a 4.6 DOHC swapped Lincoln LS


I'm calling BS on the "turbo" thing, I am 99% positive that is a paxton blower. Either way I know its a centrifugal supercharger, feeding into a sullivan intake. Its also possible that this car has an aluminator crate engine. Either way, this car has to MOVE.

I always really liked the Lincoln LS, especially the 03-06 refreshed models. It was one of the best looking sedans in its day, and its the kind of car lincoln needs right now to compete with cadillac. IIRC it was also the first lincoln since the 1950's to be offered with a manual (sadly only with the v6). Was it perfect? No, but was it a cool car? I say so!

As a bonus, here is a LS1/T56 powered LS that made its rounds on the internet a couple of years ago