"Holy Land" Trip Soon!

Hello Oppo! Shalom and Salam Alaikum! On June 3rd I will be headed to a hotly contested region that is sacred to almost a third of humans on earth. I will be touring that country/territory and seeing friends and family on both sides of the dividing wall. That said I have a request for help from my fellow Opponauts and Lanesplitter contributors.

I have a way to travel around both the country of Israel and the territory of the Palestinian west bank, however I think the story, photos, and videos would be way more compelling if there was a motorcycle involved. I have found out that there are a couple of motorcycle companies selling bikes in Israel that are not too prevalent in the united states.


One of these is Royal Enfield, a motorcyle company with tons of british and eastern heritage that complements the heritage of eastern and british influences of Israel. Pictures and videos of an Enfield on the coast of Haifa with a traditional wedding in the background would be a compelling way to showcase how nicely these bikes blend old school cool with new school progress like is the theme of that town.

Another one of these motorcycle companies is called Cleveland Cyclewerks. The fact that they are headquartered out of the United States and produce their bikes in China puts this company in line with a lot of other Israeli mainstay products. The new CCW motorcycles takes cues from the long and storied history of things on two wheels, a theme also shared by the relatively young Israeli state using the heritage of the land to move forward. The DIY ethos that is designed into each bike seems to echo off of the lifestyle of Palestinian tradesmen who have to survive with very little in the way of quality tools.


Needless to say that both of these companies have stories that would compliment the rich culture, history, and tensions of the holy land. I’m going to have that opportunity to tell it in that setting if either of these companies see this and say “sure, let’s give this guy a shot at this”. If you like this idea and know someone at either of these companies or some other bike in Israel that needs to be explored, please share this with them. I’m sure that this could be great exposure and since I’m over there anyway, it’s a unique opportunity for a company to save on airfare and hotel rooms. As for what I can give in return, I plan on writing several stories, taking accompanied photographs and shooting my fair share of videos on the places and the machinery.

Jsmizira is a pseudonym for who I am, and not a very good one at that. If you would like to get in touch with me please comment below or tweet at me @Arab_Cowboy. Yes I know that is cheesy too but who doesn’t like a little cheese?

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