I apologize for what these images might do to you.

0-60 around 4.7 seconds

345hp and 369ft/lbs of torque from the I6

AWD system that can send full power to the rear wheels

Eibach spring, Öhlins shocks using Dual Flow Valve technology

14.6 inch Brembo six-piston brakes

Not to mention it looks like pure Swedish sex.

And just looks at the subtle interior changes.


The fancy floating center stack is carbon fiber instead of plastic. There's Rebel Blue stitching on the seat and the wheel. It's simply beautiful.

There's only 120 of these coming to the US this time around (Only 750 worldwide) 80 will be wagons, the other 40 sedans. Volvo really needs to start mass producing these so they can be ordered at any time. But until that happens, anyone have $50,000 for one of the wagons?

Pictures from Motor Trend