Holy SAAB, there's a Sonett on sale in Mountain View!

So instead of working on something I’ve been putting off like a lazy asshole the curious surfer that I am, I decided to peruse CL for cars before 1970.


Instead of your typical Chevy Bel Airs (ew) junky Corvettes (eh) and clapped-out MGB’s (aw), I find a god-damned Saab Sonett for Miata Money!

Illustration for article titled Holy SAAB, theres a Sonett on sale in Mountain View!

Seriously, one of you Bay Area Opponauts has to be just crazy enough to go home with this thing! Imagine rolling into Laguna Seca Cars and Coffee a V4 powered vintage rally machine!

Just, give me a ride when you get it, ok? Please?

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