Holy shit look what I saw!

First one I've seen in the metal (or carbon, really). Flew past it as I was crossing the Ashdown forest, span around and went back :) had a little chat with the owner who had just bought it 3 weeks ago. He was on an 18 month waiting list, but they had a demonstrator come available so that was cut down to a week. He even took me out for a little spin :) more pics and some first impressions after the jump :)


First off it was still in the tail end of the break-in period so there were no WOT pulls, but the exhaust note is nice and characterful. I can see that it's perhaps not as pleasant as a Cayman's flat-6, but it is very old-school. Lots of whistles and wooshes and parps and bangs :) oh, and apologies for the potato-cam pics. Sods Law I didn't have my camera with me, nor time to wander around getting good angles and the like

According to the chap the steering is lovely, lots of feel and at anything above a couple of miles an hour it has a nice weight to it. It also doesn't seem nearly as wide as it is until you get inside (over the mega-wide sills). Only then, when you're tucked down low (lots of legroom btw) do you realise how far the wings are apart from each other. Nothing unmanageable, but it's not far off the Jaaag.


Speaking of the Jaaag, the chap was very complimentary about it. Said it was in very good nick, and that it was from the first period when Jag started building solid, dependable cars again (so he knows his stuff :) ). Furthermore, not a single mention of fuel economy (most people's go-to response when talking about the Jaaag), so he's clearly one of my kind :)

Cool chap :)

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